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A Postpartum Doula Confession

A little confession from a postpartum doula: sometimes as I feed and comfort your baby in the quiet of the early morning, I silently...

I can do anything.

I practically skipped out the door. I was overjoyed to no longer be pregnant and oh so relieved.

It woke me up.

I feel grateful for my two unborn children, for not only waking me the FUCK up, but for allowing me to live my life

my life experiences ARE me.

as more time went on, the sadness of that has transformed into empathy for that young woman (me) and gratefulness that she made the choice

I am so glad I made that choice.

After the procedure was over, the doctor came back in the room and said "you're not pregnant any more" and I started crying tears of relief

I Miss Them.

I did not count how many times I was in the emergency department at the hospital due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Never again.

I. Felt. It. All. This wrecked my mental state. I felt like such a failure, everything I've ever wanted and I get it taken away electively?

I knew that I wanted an abortion.

I also felt guilty for giving up a baby when I know so many people try for so long to get pregnant, including my sister in law.

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