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Pregnancy & Childbirth Support

for an empowered, informed birth

Emily's bespoke Doula Support Packages are created for the individual family based upon their unique needs. Virtual support available for those outside of Chicagoland. 


Book a consultation to see where you fit on the spectrum of care and what works for your family's budget. Local discounts for Silver Cross Hospital births, payment plans, and sliding scale are available.

What do doula care packages include & how much does it cost?

Compassionate, Empowering Care

Extended Care for Postpartum

à la carte support

"The delivery of our first born was very traumatic, extremely long, and had a lot of scary moments. Needless to say, I was more than wanting an entirely different experience for our second child. Emily provided the comfort, knowledge, patience, experience, and information I was desperately seeking.


She has a very gentle approach but is matter-of-fact in educating you on birthing plans along with what to expect in a variety of situations...In what can quickly become a very intense and stressful situation, Emily is the calm that expectant moms should seek for guidance and patient care.


I am utterly grateful for Emily whom singlehandedly made my second childbirth experience completely different."

Jessica in Ohio

virtual support client

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