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Postpartum Doula


A Postpartum Doula helps you find all the information you need to have a confident transition after bringing your baby home. 

A doula supports your postpartum journey in whatever way you want them to, such as:

  • nutrition planning, meal making

  • systems & structures for having a new baby at home

  • mindfulness & stress management

  • taking care of your new baby while you rest or spend time with other children

  • take care of other children while you bond with new baby

  • art  and creative practices to help you process your birth experience


A Postpartum Doula helps you become confident in infant care and balancing all your responsibilities

A Postpartum Doula helps you get a nap! A shower! A hot meal that you don't have to clean up!

Postpartum Doulas can also help you get intimate time with your partner, clean your kitchen, or walk your dog--whatever you need to feel not-overwhelmed-anymore.


Postpartum Doulas help you heal after childbirth by providing a non-judgemental place to process your birth story, as well as many tips and tricks for recovery from childbirth.
A Postpartum Doula can also help you manage health care choices postpartum, schedule appointments for follow-ups, and connect you to resources that will help you feel social and supported.

Postpartum Doulas support your journey, no matter what.


Postpartum Doulas come at any time of the day or night!
Overnight shifts help you get a full night's sleep.

Early morning shifts can help you squeeze in a few extra hours after the sun comes up.

Evening shifts allow you to head into bed earlier than you normally would or find a moment of peace and quiet after older kids are in bed.

Mid-day shifts can help you get a nap during your low-energy moments.

24-hour shifts available

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