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Birth Doula


A doula helps you find all the information you need to make an intentional & informed

birth plan.

A doula supports your pregnancy journey in whatever way you want them to, such as:

  • nutrition

  • systems & structures for having a new baby at home

  • mindfulness & stress management

  • smoking cessation & sobriety support

  • finding the right provider

  • pregnancy options counseling

  • party planning and registry guidance 

  • feeding and diapering choices


A doula provides childbirth education, empowerment training & self-care planning so you get what you need & have confidence in your vision.

Birth partners get training as well:

  • massage

  • active listening

  • caretaking postpartum

  • pregnancy symptom relief

  • personalized childbirth education


Doulas give physical & emotional support during labor, including non-pharmaceutical pain relief methods, medical advocacy, and endurance coaching.


Continuous, unwavering care- no matter where* you give birth or how long you labor. 


A doula is also a final line of defense against medical neglect and obstetric abuse.

A doula's help is proven to shorten labor and reduce your chance of cesarean birth.

*My certification allows me into many hospitals with COVID-19 visitor restrictions!


A doula provides social-emotional support and shares self-healing tactics.
My clients get access to a unique, trauma-informed reflective practice that helps prevent postpartum mood disorders.

Postpartum Doula services available

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