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Cesarean Demystified

Learn about Empowered C-Sections

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When preparing to give birth, the thought of a Cesarean can be scary! Demystifying an experience is one way of managing our fears; and having a Cesarean Birth Plan can help you feel more empowered as well as protect your dignity and preferences if surgical birth becomes part of your story. Join us for a 2-hour virtual class that will give you more information about C-Sections. During this class we will discuss: What makes a Cesarean necessary? What to expect if a Cesarean becomes part of your birth story. Your options for a gentle, family-centered Cesarean. How to advocate for yourself (or your partner!) Tips on reducing your risk of unwanted Cesarean + a few ways to identify ‘red flags’ of coercion if a Cesarean is suggested by a provider. Healing after a Cesarean and a few considerations for infant care post-surgery. --------------- The second half of this class is open for questions, discussions, and unpacking fears about Cesarean. Participants will be provided with a template for a gentle cesarean birth plan as well as resources about recovery & support through the International Cesarean Awareness Network. Chicago-area participants will also receive a list of local healing practitioners and birthworkers. This class is open to all birthing people, including those who are scheduling a Cesarean – Partners, doulas, and other birth-team members are encouraged to attend! Even wanted and necessary Cesareans are nuanced events that can result in a complicated recovery process, and this course acknowledges the deep pain inflicted upon birthing people by the unnecessarily high Cesarean rate, particularly for Black women and Indigenous birthing people -- this course seeks to participate in an effort to close racial disparities in birthing experiences and reduce birth trauma. However, this course is not an “anti-Cesarean” framework, but rather hopes to stop the misuse of Cesarean surgeries. This class seeks to encourage families to take control of their birthing experience, even if that birth is surgical. This course is facilitated by Emily Likins Ehlers CBD, Childbirth International. Emily has had two Cesareans, one unplanned and one planned. Emily is on the board of the International Cesarean Awareness Network.

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