Trauma-informed care from the time you start labor until two hours after your baby is born.


Hiring a Doula decreases your chance of C-Section by nearly 40% and is clinically proven to shorten your labor



  1. One face-to-face for a needs assessment and introduction. 
  2. Birth plan evalution and feedback via email.
  3. Continuous care during your labor, no matter how long you labor + 2 hours after birth.




  • Specialized massage and revolutionary methods for non-pharmaceutical pain relief
  • Immediate lactation support
  • Labor and afterbirth photography 
  • Your final line of defense against obstetric abuse
  • Experienced advocacy for the way you want to give birth
  • Knowledge of medical interventions and pain relief options for empowered choice
  • Infection prevention
  • + MUCH MORE!

In-Person Birth Attendance

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  • I will not make decisions for you. I will provide information that may be helpful for you and/or your partner to make an informed choice.

    I will not perform clinical tasks such as assessing blood pressure, checking the dilation of the cervix, monitoring the fetal heart rate, making any medical diagnosis, administering or prescribing medication, or any other procedure that qualifies as practicing medicine. My role is limited to providing for your physical, emotional, and educational support.

    I will not provide medical advice or advice concerning any alternative therapies. Any information I provide should in in way be construed as medical advice and is not a substitute for medical advice, which only a licensed medical practitioner can provide. It is your responsibility to seek the advice of an appropriately qualified practitioner in case of doubt.

    I will not speak to your medical caregivers on your behalf. I can discuss your concerns with you and provide information on options that may be available to help you with composing questions for you to ask your caregivers, but you or your partner will be responsible for communicating your needs to the medical staff.

    I am not licensed or permitted to deliver your baby or to perform any clinical skills related to the delivery of your baby. In the event that the baby arrives unexpectedly at home without a licensed medical practitioner in attendance, you or your partner or other attendant will be responsible for catching the baby as they are born. However, should your partner or attendant not be available to catch the baby as they are born, and if you unable to do so yourself, then with your consent I may take on this role.


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