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support for pregnancy & postpartum

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    Learn about Empowered C-Sections

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    hosted by Burr Ridge Birth Center

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  • In Sept. at Burr Ridge Birth Center

    Started Sep 12

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  • In Dec. at Burr Ridge Birth Center

    Starts Dec 4

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  • Celebrate the Autumn Equinox with Burr Ridge Birth Center

  • A class for pre-teens and their parents to prepare for Menarche

    40 US dollars

Pregnancy gives us a chance to connect with ourselves and make choices about who we hope to be. Isn’t now the perfect time to focus on improvement and take control of your well-being? Book your free 15-minute consultation Doula work is an ancient art that teaches us to be present in the moment. A doula will witness you Becoming Yourself. For Emily, there is nothing more powerful than witnessing the transformation that takes place in clients. As your doula, Emily hopes to cradle your whole person and provide practical support for making choices about your pregnancy. Emily provides something unique to every client and is passionate about your success and happiness. Based in the South Chicagoland area, Emily's intention is to help clients listen to their inner voice and find the courage to step out of their comfort zone to take control of their future. As a trauma-informed, full-spectrum doula, Emily has something for every pregnancy, and at all levels of support. Get in touch to find out more.

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I'm glad you reached out.

"Emily guided me through the different options in the procedures to places I could go to have the procedure done. Emily patiently and effectively answered all my questions and was a source of support when I had very little. If it weren’t for Emily I would not have known the local clinic was available to me and I truly believe that was the best decision I made throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Emily to anyone!"

"Emily shared so much knowledge with me over the course of my pregnancy, as well as after the birth. I had a few scary complications along the way, but Emily was always there with information and articles to ease my mind and get me prepared, comforting words to help me through it, tips and tricks to make things easier, all-natural oils and rubs to help with prep and pain, and a whole bunch of advice that was endlessly helpful. When I was at my lowest point, Emily was there. When I was scared and needed help, Emily was there. When I was on my post-baby "everything is wonderful" high, Emily was there to make sure that I was healing correctly and asking so many questions to make sure that everything was going right. Emily even has advice for partners!"

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