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It made me more confident

7 Weeks

Surgical (aspiration) abortion in the first trimester

I had my abortion or got my abortion pills from Planned Parenthood

When did you discover you were pregnant?

A week before my abortion

What was the very first thought in your mind when that pregnancy test was positive?

I wouldn't be able to care for the child because I already have 3 and had just split from a abusive relationship

Describe how you felt in the days after you realized you were pregnant.

Stressed and nervous

What factors did you consider when making a choice?

My ability both physically and financially to care for another child

debilitating and unmanageable morning sickness and nausea

What is the nature of your relationship with the person who got you pregnant?

In partnership

Who was the most supportive or helpful person or resource during your choice-making process?

I was on my own

Who was the most supportive or helpful person in your life during and after your abortion?

I’m on my own

Describe your overall abortion experience using three words:

The most easy experience i have had i expected it to be much worse

Please Describe your abortion experience.

I was very anxious leading up to it after reading horror stories online. That morning I woke up with terrible morning sickness and anxiety not making it better. I had a hour drive to my clinic. The staff where amazing and talked to me the entire time. After doing the usual ultrasound and check up I was taken back to the room I opted for surgical because caring for 3 kids I didn't think the pill would be best option for me. The doctor was great and made me comfortable. I had no sedation. I was given 2 injections of lidocaine in my cervix which I honestly couldn't feel more than a tiny little sting and he began immediately it took less than 5mins and I never had cramping or anything. Even 2 days later I have very little spotting no more pregnancy symptoms and feel great. I have no regrets about my decision 😌

What were your expectations of yourself and others?

The doctor and nurses where happy to answer any questions I had and reassure me they made sure I knew all my options

In this section, describe your feelings at the time you had your abortion.

I was scared of something going wrong but it honestly was easier than a pap smear lol

What about after the abortion? Did your feelings change?

I was completely at ease afterward and lord forbid if I ever needed the service again I would absolutely be comfortable doing so

What about the feelings of others? While you might not know exactly what they were feeling, can you explain what you think they might have been feeling?

No one else knew as my family would not accept it and would cause me more grief

In what way did the choices you made meet your goals for yourself? Were the choices you made aligned with your goals?

I can now continue to work and care for my kids the best I can without the worry

What other choices were available?

Adoption or having another child

What do you feel now, looking back on the event? If your feelings have changed, how have they changed and why do you think that is?

Im at ease with my decision and know it was what was right for me

What have you learned about yourself and others as a result of this experience and the way you feel about it?

It was just so much easier and better than I expected

What would your expectations be now?

The same

If you were able to go back in time, what would you do differently?

I would absolutely do it the way I did

In what ways has your abortion experience changed you?

Its made me more confident

What have you learned about your ability to make choices?

That even without support of others my decisions are my own and their is no reason to feel bad for it

Will you make the same choices in the future?

If I ever needed to sure

I have a greater appreciation for the value of my own life.

I have a greater feeling of self-reliance.

I know that I can handle difficulties.

Yes, my abortion experience was a catalyst for new goals and a new outlook on life

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